What is Scenodrama?

Scenodrama is a group psychotherapy for young autistic, psychotic or hyperactive children, or those suffering from problems of emotional attachment or post-traumatic troubles.

Scenodrama is designed for children of 4 to 8 years with pathologies of the psychic container. The method has been designed to ensure secure containment of the group favouring the process of symbolization.

Scenodrama is also designed for single-parent families with young children, mostly in post-traumatic situations: separation, bereavement, abuse…

Scenodrama was created in the 1990s at the Guillaume Régnier Hospital in Rennes, France, by Brigitte Baron-Préter, who is a clinical psychologist and a group and family analyst. The therapy was first used in outpatient clinics, then in a Medico-Psychological Consultation at the University Hospital Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Unit run by Professor S. Tordjman (previously by Professor Ph. Dardenne).