Presentation of the association

« Clinique & Créativité » association

The association was created on the occasion of the first scientific days of the 2 and 3 April 2004: “clinic-creativity and Art at the beginning of the 20th century.”


– Support and participation in innovative clinical research particularly in the fields of childhood, adolescence, abuse and deviance, Criminology and Gerontology

Research on a new approach to the projective to the diversification of their use in the clinic. Introduction of new therapeutic practices in Group and family Clinic: Scenodrama, the psychodramatic use of the MAPS…

-The publication of research work and actions related to clinical creativity. 

A Scientific Committee of reading receives and offers articles for publication in our magazine ‘cliniques et créativité’ 

-The organisation of scientific days from the themes developed in clinical and research practices.

-The establishment of theoretical and clinical training in the fields of these specialties.

  • Scenodrama training for its implementation in child psychiatry departments.
  • Analysis of clinical psychology practice  for individuals,for groups and for institutions: support for the development of these practices with the introduction of new tools.

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