Introduction to group clinic

As early as 1964, the works of Didier Anzieu “Introduction to group dynamics” by André Missenard and René Kaës have allowed the development of concepts centered on the relationship between the subject and the group, including the knotting of group effects with the effects of the unconscious. In 1969, René Kaës exposed two types of nuclei organizers for group representations: “the unconscious fantasy organizers” and “the sociocultural organizers”.

Theirs works inspired then and still inspire a group clinic (al) approach that continues to develop. This group clinic has enabled many groups of therapeutic mediation to fit and thrive among health care institutions. The works of Anne Brun, Bernard Chouvier and René Roussillon made it possible to study further the active processes inside these groups. They allowed a better understanding of the resurgence of archaic processes inside the groups and made the resumption of these easier.

The “scenic thought” of the actual experience of the group (Ophelia Avron), the capacities for containment (René Kaës) and the capacities for representation peculiar to the group allow the restoration or the institution of excitation prevention processes which might be weak among the persons, children or adults, who have suffered from internal or environmental psychic traumas.

Basing itself upon this group clinic, the “Clinique & Créativité” association offers to raise awareness of group dynamics.

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